The Paw Paw Tunnel and Facebook

This is a slightly better set of topics than the previous post. Everyone loves the Paw Paw Tunnel, right?  And many of us use Facebook.  I have to admit, I am a slow embracer, but I’ve recently delved back in to it after a sabbatical, and delight that you can find anything you need there, including and especially timely information about our wonderful park.

The park has an excellent Facebook page.  It is well laid out, with excellent photographs, well written content, relevant information, and is just plain fun to peruse sometimes.  It is the fastest way to find out information or status, and questions are answered promptly.  If you are a Facebook user, search for Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park; if you are not try,

The Paw Paw Tunnel is going to be closed for a period of time, starting in June. This closure is necessary to allow contractors to do some very important work to mitigate the situation that has been causing rocks to fall, and make the towpath safer for users.

The tunnel and towpath are currently open. Last week the contractor began surveying the construction area and have begun the assessment/design process. The tunnel and towpath will remain open for the duration of this process.

 It’s anticipated that the contractor will mobilize and close the towpath and tunnel around the beginning of June. The towpath and tunnel will remain open until that time. Updates have gone up on the website and are in the process of being shared with the public about the adjusted timeline. You can view the project page on the park’s website: 

And – of course – you can keep up on the situation by visiting the park’s Facebook page periodically! An update and some excellent photos were posted today.

Photo – Paw Paw Tunnel upstream portal; June 20, 2012 – Level 57