Volunteer Activity Suspension and Wildflower Walk

Hello Level Walkers,

Two notices from the park follow. Please note the suspension of volunteer activities on Saturday. When activities are suspended your volunteer service agreement is invalid for the time of the suspension and you are not authorized to perform volunteer work or protected in the event of injury. If ou choose to visit the park during that time you are doing so at your own risk.

Thanks for all you do – Steve

There is currently a high wind watch from Saturday 8am until Sunday 2am for portions of central & western Maryland and D.C. The forecast is calling for winds up to 65 mph. When the wind reaches 30 mph, volunteers are required to stand down. Therefore, outdoor volunteer operations for Saturday, April 1st are suspended. 

Please keep an eye on the weather forecast on Saturday and plan accordingly. Volunteer operations may resume on Sunday, April 2nd if wind speeds (including gusts) have fallen below 30 mph. If you have any questions, please contact your program coordinator. 

Thank you and stay safe!

Sarah Brown, the park’s Biological Science Technician, is offering a wildflower hike for volunteers. Space is limited and you will need to sign-up. Here is the information – 

 VIP Speaker Series – Wildflower Hike at Ferry Hill

DATE: April 14, 2023

TIME: 10am – 12pm

LOCATION: Ferry Hill in Sharpsburg, MD

DESCRIPTION: A guided hike along the Ferry Hill trail and towpath with Sarah Brown to look for and learn about wildflowers and pollinators. Please wear appropriate hiking shoes and bring water. The Ferry Hill trail is not flat, so volunteers must be able to walk down hill and uphill. The hike will last approximately 2 hours. 

TO SIGN-UP: This opportunity is limited to 15 volunteers, and you must sign-up to attend. Please email emily_hewitt@nps.gov noting your volunteer program and the area of the park where you volunteer. 

DEADLINE: You must email by April 8th to sign-up.