Mileposts and Calendar Photo Submissions

Hello Level Walkers,

Jim Tomlin, Jim Heins and other volunteers are working on a project to replace some of the C&O Canal mileposts that are in poor condition. You may recall that the markers were repainted by Meredith Matczak, Jim Tomlin, and Mike Bucci (See June 2020 Along the Towpath Since then it has been noted that some of the mileposts need to be replaced. Jim and Jim have worked with the NPS to get the molds to make new markers and will be making and replacing ones that really need help. These are markers that are broken, heavily gouged or worn down. If they need painting they don’t necessarily need replacement.

Your help is requested. If you are aware of a marker on your level (or elsewhere) that is a candidate for replacement, please let me know at and I will pass it on to Jim and Jim. Send photos that illustrate the condition. At the present time they have identified Mileposts 5, 6, 8, 57, 77, 85, 120, 141 and 155. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

The NPS has passed on the annual request for calendar photos. The calendar uses photos taken by C&O Canal volunteers and staff. The following notice from Emily Hewitt provides dates, details and submission information. Please remember that sending the highest quality resolution helps with use of your photo.

It is time for volunteers and staff to submit photos for the 2024 C&O Canal calendar! Photos of all areas of the park, through all four seasons will be included in the calendar. So if you have photos of historic structures, flora/fauna, volunteers, or just about anything else in the park, please submit them! 

You may submit your photos by email or via Google Drive to If you have multiple photos with large file sizes, you may want to batch your photos in multiple emails to ensure they go through. 

Please label your photo files with the location and name of photographer.  

– For example: BigSlackwater_Jane_Doe. 

The deadline for submission is Friday, May 5th, 2023. If your photograph is selected, you will be contacted and credited in the calendar.