Volunteer Support Guidance

Hello Level Walkers,

The following guidance is provided by the C&O Canal NHP volunteer coordinator, Emily Hewitt.  If you get out there please report any findings to the park as soon as you can.  There is no hurry to submit your level walker report as long as the conditions are sent to the park as requested in the following.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


Welcome back to the park! We are eager to get back on track with all of our projects and programs, and we could use your help. As you are out in the park, there are specific conditions that would be helpful to report. Please email your assessments directly to claire_connor@partner.nps.gov
  • TREES – Any downed trees blocking the towpath, or hazard trees leaning precariously over the towpath should be reported with specific location and/or nearest mile marker number and a photo if possible.
  • TRASH – Are there areas that seem particularly trashy that could benefit from a clean-up? Please report the specific location and/or nearest mile marker number, and provide us with an idea of how much trash and what type needs to get cleaned up.
  • TOILETS – Are the port-o-pots and brown building pit toilets in good condition? If not, please report specific location and/or nearest mile marker number for toilets that are in sub-standard condition.
  • BOAT RAMPS – Are the boat ramps in good condition? Is there debris blocking them, or any other hazard that would prevent public use? Please report the location and provide photos if possible.
The park appreciates any assistance you can provide. Please email your reports to claire_connor@partner.nps.gov as soon as possible. Photos are always helpful, so please include them if possible. As always, please work safely. Thank you for your volunteer service!