Levels Going to the Dogs?

Hello Level Walkers,

Here’s a fun request! Many of you report to me that you level walk with your faithful canine friend.  Let’s give credit where credit is due – if you level walk with your dog on a regular basis, let me know. I would like to highlight level walker dogs in the next Along the Towpath issue.  Let me know the name, breed, and whatever else you might want to share.  Send a photo if you have it!

Now – I am a cat guy (sorry about that, dog lovers). I haven’t the nerve to listen to a prolonged yowl from my home in Southern Maryland to Hancock, but if any of you have ever braved the towpath with a cat on a leash or in a tow behind carrier (I’ve seen it) – I’d love to hear about that too! (and your feline friend will get a bag of treats with my compliments.)

Thanks for being great volunteers and supporting our amazing park!

Above photo – Little Pool, nr Hancock Md. – Level 47 – July 10, 2010